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  • Doctor Sidrat (637 hits)
    Personal site of a librarian who really loves fandom. Fanfic recommendations, book lists, video games reviews, and more!
  • Love is Zeo (138 hits)
    Come for the resources, and stay for the healthy dose of justice and activism. Love is Zero has a focus on both resources for graphics designs, and bloggers and being a blogger that cares about the world we all live in and share.
  • Requiem library Roleplaying (62 hits)
    Requiem library is an 18 mature forum based writing community. We welcome all genres of writing and have something for everyone! Browse the shelves or add to them. Come join us and help build the Library.
  • LensCapture (1671 hits)
    My photography website, it gets updated very rarely but I am trying to add new stuff. Pop on by and check it out if you have time!! Affiliates are always welcome.

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